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Residential Property Management

Pedigree Management focuses on the individual business owners and their investments.  As a Residential Investment Manger I represent the property owner in all transactions. I emphasize driving occupancy levels, top-line revenues and closings for all contracted property management accounts.

I have developed and implemented an aggressive account management process to represent clients’ interests and minimize turnovers.  Working in partnership with owners and tenants  is the key to a well balance and successful profit margin.

No detail can be over looked….. from  overseeing daily operations,  implementing and maintaining preventative maintenance schedules and addressing maintenance issues lead to overall satisfaction for both owner and resident and long term relationships.

Pedigree Management’s key roles are to:

  • Qualify prospective clients/residents after marketing and showing units.
  • Represent owner in evictions, court proceedings and collection efforts.
  • Administer complete financial responsibility for rent collection, A/R and A/P.
  • Goal to exceed performance targets in maintaining 100% occupancy for managed units.

Pedigree Management gets paid on our own performance.  We charge a set monthly percentage of funds collected plus sales tax and expenses for properties within Sioux Falls city limits.

We DO NOT charge a fee to rent a unit every time it comes available…. PMC’s theroy is “Why would a property owner pay a company that basically doubles their income on turning over the unit each year as opposed to keeping it full!”

Residential Unit Leasing for Units Managed by Property Owner

Here at Pedigree Management we pride ourselves on providing the independent property owner with a commitment to serving their need to fill their rental units with quality, solid residents.

As in any situation we always follow all Federal, State, and Local laws for Fair Housing.  We provide our clients with the security of knowing that at any time the owner is welcome to contact us with questions during the duration of the tenancy.

It is my personal commitment NOT to leave a property owner hanging.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find it for you. I am not an attorney, nor can I give legal advice, but with 30+ years as a property management professional I can certainly give you advice as to how I would handle the situation or a direction for resolution of any sort of issue.

A one-time fee per leasing is assessed for each time the unit is rented.  PMC provides the owner with a present and previous landlord reference, an employment verification and a credit report.

In some situations we can also run criminal background checks for an additional fee.  In all of our leasing ventures we do our best to seek quality, long term, stable residents for property owners.


One thing is for sure in the Property Management business, every time the telephone rings or someone walks into your office you NEVER know what new adventure that may hold for you.

At Pedigree Management and Courses we have seen and heard a lot.  I can’t say I have heard it “all”  but it been a very long time since something “new” has popped up from a tenant.

We are always here to help out, give personal advice how to approach sticky situations and handle issues.  I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY NOR DO I CLAIM TO BE AND I DO NOT PRACTICE LAW.

However, I am always here to help out, give you personal advice on how to approach a sticky situation and handle issues.  If I am fresh out of ideas I can surely point you in the direction of someone else who can help you out.

We also provide “Realistic Rental Appraisals” and are available to do walk troughs with potential buyers of rental properties to give them a “landlords” perspective on the unit(s).

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