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Jannelle Cain, C5P, COS

A South Dakota licensed Property Manager since 1992 and a South Dakota Real Estate Commission Accredited Instructor, Jannelle offers both professional property management services through her company Pedigree Management & Courses and expert continuing education for existing and prospective property managers.

Thanks so much for your time. I really like your energy and practical insight!


This is an excellent addition to the “Legal”/Fair Housing side of our business and one that is vital to know about!


WONDERFUL! Very informative. Good real life examples. I now have a much better idea what the occupation is all about.


Good examples that relate to the material.


I loved the real life examples, that makes me feel far more prepared to do this business. I was very appreciative of the safety info, some of it never even crossed my mind!


Your knowledge is awesome and I appreciate you sharing with us!


The course was informational and made sense.  To the point but is an engaging fashion.


She was fun to listen to!


Found Jannelle Very knowledgeable on the subject.  Course was great.


Jannelle Teaches with such good energy. I hope to take more classes with you.


Jannelle did an awesome job-very upbeat and kept it interesting. Very refreshing!!


Professional, personal, great experiences to relate to content. Funny. Excellent Job Jannelle and Thank you!


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